Saturday, January 15, 2011

Rocking the Basics Part 2 - Water Based and Discharge Inks

Just Watch the Videos! How Easy is that?

There are many videos and tutorials out there about the basics of silk screen printing. You can check,, and are all places you can find some information on the basics or on different techniques for screen printing or decorating clothing.

Here are a few water based and Discharge inks videos excerpted from the Ryonet DVD. I recommend the DVD. It has helped us learn.

Mixing Discharge ink (Note: They say the ink is good for 8 hours but we notice a drop off in print quality after 4 or 5 hours)

Discharging the Discharge ink on shirts.

Clearing dried water based ink (We use the RC water-based inks, they are very good, but the ink will dry in the screen sometimes)

Enviro Wash Screen Cleaner (We use this and it’s great)

I really couldn’t find anything good on using Discharge Paste, which we use quite a lot. I think we will have to make one. If you would like to look over my blog post on Discharge Past here it is.

Extra stuff:

Recession advice for screen printers (Don’t have a job? Make your own!)

Got a Yudu? Here’s a nice tip:
Coat Your Yudu Screens With Liquid Emulsion YUDU Hacks: Coat a Yudu Screen from DIY Teeshirts on Vimeo.

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  1. In Ryonet's DVD about Inks, he recommended an ink degradent for making water base ink safe to go down the drain, but towards the end he said you can use soap. Does soap really degrade ink too? Making it safe to be drained? Thanks. I am just starting out and i find myself buying more materials to get good results and not even selling a single shirt just yet.


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